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A native of Providence, Bob Leeder has been in the world of commercial radio since 1959 when he was hired as a vacation and weekend replacement announcer at WHMP in Northampton, MA. In the summer of 1960, he carried an overnight shift in his hometown on WPRO. He also worked for a short time for WSAR in Fall River, and when he graduated from Amherst College in 1961, he stayed in Massachusetts and went to work for WACE in the Springfield-Chicopee-Holyoke market. He worked his way to larger markets until he served as Program Director at what were then two of the most popular and successful stations, not only in the New York Market, but also in America, WPAT AM& FM. In 1976, he was hired by CBS to get and maintain the programs of the CBS Radio Network on radio stations all across the United States. For 25 years at CBS he traveled to every single state in the United States except Alaska and Hawaii.

He currently has his own business in which he sells The Magic Garden to radio stations across the country, and he acts as a consultant to another company that produces a two-minute feature called Biography for Radio®. based on the Arts & Entertainment cable television series, Biography. Leeder is also a consultant to several radio stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, helping the owners of those stations to develop business plans that make sense in that emerging democracy. He travels extensively throughout the United States and Europe and enjoys his work tremendously. "I want to represent only first class radio programs,"; says Leeder, "the kind that really help people as well as entertain them."

"That's why I am involved with Mort White's The Magic Garden," Leeder adds. Leeder and White have known each other since they attended Classical High School in Providence from 1952 to 1956. Says Leeder, "You can't know a guy for half a century and not know just how knowledgeable he is and how sincere he is in wanting to help people. That's Mort."
Leeder is married and lives in New Jersey. Among his four grown children is one who also works in the broadcasting business, Glenn Leeder, who is Vice President of Sales for Syndicated Solutions, Inc., which is headquartered in Connecticut.

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