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Weekly Environmental Updates
Gypsy and winter moth caterpillars aren't just devouring trees by the thousands in New England this year...they're creating a fire hazard. Firefighters say that a lack of shade due to defoliated trees is increasing the risk of brush fires. Experts say that if you're trees are already denuded, that's it's too late to spray and you'll have to wait until next year.
A rarely seen "strawberry moon" occurred on June 20th as the full moon coincided with the longest day of the year, otherwise known as the summer solstice. Light passing through the Earth's atmosphere gave the moon a vivid reddish/yellow tint. The last strawberry moon happened in 1948.
Environmental activists are being murdered globally at a record rate, according to a British environmental and corruption watchdog group. The year 2015 saw at least 185 people killed in 16 countries for environmental and activist activities. Columbia, Peru, Nicaragua, and the Congo as well as Brazil and the Philippines were some of the areas that saw high rates of activist murder. Conflicts concerning government-approved development in remote areas accounted for most of the slayings.
Bees are in control at "The Hive", a 40 ft. steel sculpture at the Royal Botanical Garden in London. The vibrations of bees in a nearby hive inside Kew Gardens turns thousands of LED lights and microphones in the sculpture on and off, creating a multi-sensory experience of music and bee sounds. The sculpture's creator says its purpose is to tell the story of pollinating bees and the importance of plants.
One of the world's deadliest superbugs is being carried by seagulls, say research teams in Lithuania and Argentina. Seagulls reportedly pick up the bacteria when they eat garbage. An antibiotic-resistant strain of the bacteria was recently found in a Pennsylvania woman with a pig intestine. Pigs on livestock farms who are raised on antibiotics are reportedly driving the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains.
Faux meat company "Impossible Foods" has created a plant-based burger that smells, tastes and looks like actual meat. It joins L.A. based "Beyond Meat" who has created a pea protein burger capable of sizzling on a grill like the real thing. Plant/protein based products are less resource-intensive to produce as well as healthier, say the companies.
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