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Weekly Environmental Updates
Babies who eat rice cereal and other rice-based foods have higher arsenic levels than those who do not, says a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics. Half of all tested rice samples from retail stores exceeded acceptable levels of inorganic arsenic according to the FDA. Parents are advised to include a variety of grains in their baby's diet and not to rely solely on rice products
The American Lung Association has released its annual lists of cities most affected by air pollution, with California taking the top top four spots in both the short term and year round particle pollution levels. Bakersfield was number one on both lists, with Fresno-Madera, Visalia- Porterville-Hanford,and Modesto-Merced not far behind. Head for Missoula, Montana and Louisville-Jefferson, Kentucky for the best urban air quality in the U.S.
Misshapen, blotched, and/or fungi infested fruit may be higher in antioxidants and offer more nutritional value, say some experts. There is some evidence that plants stressed by insects or disease produce metabolites that are good for humans to ingest. Organic produce, which has a significantly higher level of antioxidants vs. conventionally grown produce, may be subjected to greater stress because they are grown with fewer pesticides.
You may not have received any Earth Day gifts last Friday, but it wasn't because there aren't any available. Pasta made from cricket flour, a shower timer made from an hourglass, and biodegradable tampons are among the many items that are still available for the environmentally conscious friend. For the green buddy who has everything else, a stool made out of worn out jeans can be had for a mere $640.00.
If the jeans stool isn't practical enough, you can buy your friend a plant that will recharge their cell phone via a USB port attached to the pot. Arkyne Technologies out of Barcelona are marketing the Bioo Lite, which transforms energy from photosynthesis and turns it into electricity. Be forewarned, success with the device depends on keeping the plant alive.
May 2nd marks the 10th annual World Naked Gardening Day, where gardeners of all persuasions are encouraged to shed their clothes as they tend their gardens. Started by Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel in Seattle, Washington, WNGD is celebrated on the first Saturday in May worldwide by those who like to feel a breeze all over while cultivating good feelings along with their plants. Learn more at the above link.
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