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Weekly Environmental Updates
Drastic changes in American environmental policy is part of the Republican platform announced at this week's Republican National Convention. Limits on CO2 emissions would end, the U.S. would withdraw from the U.N. climate process, protected forests would be opened for logging and all subsidies for renewable energy would end should nominee Donald Trump become president. The Republican party has stated that climate change is not proven science and is not as important as national security.
Personal care companies are using loopholes in voluntary pledges to get around a reduction in use of microbeads, says a new report from Greenpeace. Colgate-Palmolive, Proctor and Gamble, and Estee Lauder are examples of companies that are eliminating microbeads in only a small subset of products while maintaining their use in many other product lines. Some companies are only eliminating microbeads in certain countries or are claiming to use "biodegradable" microbeads.
Another Listeria recall is in the works, thanks to Bar-S Foods Company, makers of pork and chicken hotdogs. More than 372,000 pounds of franks and corn dogs that were shipped to various locations across the U.S. have been voluntarily recalled due to possible contamination. There have been no reports of illness or adverse reactions so far, but consumers are urged to discard the products.
Chicago's "Cats At Work" program places feral cats in homes and businesses where their presence drives away rats while giving the cats a home. The cats are reportedly more cost-effective than traditional pest control. "Cats At Work" has become so popular that there is now a 30 day waiting list.
Soaring temperatures due to climate change will be costly in more ways than one according to experts. It's predicted that as many as 43 countries will suffer economically due to declining work hours brought on by heat stress. In addition, demand for air conditioning in public spaces will put a severe strain on power supplies.
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