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Weekly Environmental Updates
With coordination by over 1,000 groups, a climate change march is planned in Manhattan for this Sunday, September 21. The march, believed to be the largest on climate change ever held, will coincide with a meeting addressing global warming at the United Nations, with attendees from all over the globe. The group Occupy Wall Street has announced their own "massive sit-in" the following day.
California blue whales are back according to researchers, who say that they are now back to 97 percent of historic levels. Whaling with harpoons decimated their numbers until the practice was banned in 1966. While there are other varieties of whales, only the California whale had been able to rebound to such an extent.
Plastic microbeads are not just found in the ocean; they may also be in your mouth. Public attention regarding the discovery that microbeads found in toothpaste can trap bacteria in the gums and cause gingivitis has caused Proctor and Gamble to announce they will be removing the beads from Crest toothpaste. At least one dental hygienist reports that Crest appears to contain more microbeads than other brands. Proctor and Gamble says that most of their toothpastes will be free of microbeads in 6 months and that they will be completely gone by 2016.
NOAA reports that the average global temperature for August 2014 of 61 degrees makes it the hottest August on record. Furthermore, the months from June to August make this summer the hottest summer ever recorded. Temperatures form both land and sea were included in the calculations.
A pro fossil-fuel group has put up billboards in Pennsylvania taking various celebrities to task for their environmentalist stands. bemoans the green agenda of entertainment figures such as Lady Gaga, Robert Redford, and Yoko Ono with slogans such as "Would you take energy advice from the woman who broke up the Beatles?". The group's website expresses concerns with the green movement's "unnecessary and unreasonable policies" and laments the promotion of renewable energy sources.
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