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Question: 1024-4013
We just had our St.Augustine lawn dug up because our lawn company advised that we had a fungus. They removed the top inch of soil and replaced it with an inch of very sandy loam and Bermuda seed. They have come back a couple of times to rectify some large areas that did not grow well. We now have a Bermuda grass lawn with some bad areas that are six feet long. What else can we do? Ed, Austin, TX

Mort's Answer:
Starting lawns from seed is not as effective as using sod. You will have to continue to top dress for at least another year. You can use winter rye in late November to fill in the bare spots. Continue with the fungicide treatment that they are using as well.

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Question: 4-5201
We have a cone shaped fungus growing on the shade trees in the woods behind our house. Is there something that I can spray on them? Harold, Hope Valley, RI

Mort's Answer:
In the woods, it is best to let Mother Nature take its course. With the onset of winter, most fungus will be dormant. Eventually, some virus will weaken the fungus or the insects that carry the fungus will be devoured by a predator. In the woods an organic natural approach will prove its worth. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not create enough natural conditions and end up using chemicals, organic and otherwise, to protect their plants.

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Question: 464-3610
We have balck spots on our variegated dogwood. We watered often and put mulch down. How can I correct it. Deb, Kewanee, IL

Mort's Answer:
You have a fungus on the dogwood. Rain splashing up on the plant spreads the disease from the mulch. Remove the mulch and put it into a compost pile for ther winter. It should sterilize itself with a heavy frost. Benlate will arrest the fungus. Follow directttions on the label.Cart away all the fallen leaves this fall. A handful of 5-10-10 fertilizer will help boost your plant.

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