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Question: 1455-
My summer squash and zucchini have a white dust on the leaves. The fruit is starting to dissipate. Earlier ones were very good. Leaves are turning yellow. Can I do something to extend the plants? Stan, Windham, CT

Mort's Answer:
The powdery mildew can be checked with a fungicide like Bordeaux Mix powder. You will need three applications 10 days apart. Side dressing with 5-10 fertilizer will help to some extent. Lastly, check the stems about four inches from the ground. If you see a black or brown pot inside the translucent stem, carefully slit the outside of the spot and remove the little bugger with a tweezer. Use some scotch tape to cover the surgery. If the squash bug was not present, you can get more flowers for late production and larger fruit with side dressing and dusting with the Bordeaux.

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