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Question: 973-2913
We have a snake plant at our winter home in Florida. Is it an acid loving plant? We get a lot of rain and have very sandy soil. Joanne, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Sansevieria cylindric is a very hardy plant. It grows to five feet. S.thrysiflora is often called Mother-in-Law's tongue because it goes on forever. It grows to 18 inches and larger and is a great houseplant. There is a snakewood tree, Acacia xiphophylla. It grows to 25 feet with two or three main trunks and has yellow flowers. This tree prefers acid soil. You can find fertilizers for acid loving plants like azalea food. You should be more concerned about enriching the soil with humus to compensate for the draining of the elements in the soil. Add aged manure, grass clippings and composted material to get that sense of humus.

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