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Question: 470-411
Last week I purchased a Primrose from the market. Where is the best place to place it? Will it survive as a perennial? Jane, Groton, CT

Mort's Answer:
It loves cool temps. Place it indoors in a east or west window. Eventually, the warmer temps will cause it to go into dormancy. You can plant it outdoors in late April in zone 6 on the north side of the house. Cover it with a lot of mulch this fall. English Primroses come in most colors , bloom in a cluster and have an inch to inch and a half size flowers. P. vulgaris like all primroses prefer loose rich soil. P.japonica has slightly wrinkled leaves and fewer colors. P.veris comes in bright yellow and will lose its leaves to dormancy in the summer.

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Question: 1051-4813
Can I bring in primrose from the garden now? They are in pots. Gary, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Although they can absorb a little frost, they are best grown in cool temperatures between 55 and 65 with indirect sun. Primula vulgaris or English primrose grows to six inches tall and does well in a rock garden. Most primrose are hardy in zone six and can be forced indoors. Tender Primrose like the P. chinensis do better as indoor plants. If you can clean the pots with a good soap, you can continue the blooms that have repeated this fall for you.

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