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Question: 1339-215
I have been keeping my Poinsettia in the closet to get the 12 hours of darkness but it has yet to turn red. Francis, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
It is necessary to have 12 to 16 hours of complete darkness every night but it needs to see the light of day each day. You can make a shade to cover it every evening. If you leave it in one spot, a night light, street light or TV can interrupt the cycle. If your poinsettia is too embarrassed to come out the closet, put a light switch with a timer to get about 15 hours every night.

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Question: 1395-4616
How do I get my poinsettia to come to color? I just brought in indoors last month. Dan,Methuen, MA

Mort's Answer:
Red,white,pink and other chloroplasts will come to the upper bracts and replace the green naturally if the darkness is not interrupted at this time of year. Unfortunately, we have TV sets, night lights and other spoilers at night. This needs to be for a period of six to eight weeks. You also need to keep the plant above 65 degrees and in strong light during the day for best vitality. Do not allow it to be in an environment of 45 or below.

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