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Question: 54-5201
What do you do when a philodendron gets too large for a hanging pot? Janie, Attleboro, MA

Mort's Answer:
If you keep making the pot larger every time that you transplant, you will probably pull down the ceiling. When they reach 8 to 10 inch size, it is a good idea to use them as table plants and remove the hanger pot. I would recommend putting them in clay pots at that time. If you want them to cover the same area, you can add a trellis to the mix. Because philodendron grows so well and will eventually cover an entire wall indoors, I suspect that this is the reason folks make smaller plants from cuttings. This does not diminish the size of the root.

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Question: 371-3410
We have a large split leaf philodendron . It has not done much in the last year and the roots are coming out of the pot. Should I transplant it and how? Sharon, Voluntown, CT

Mort's Answer:
You can tip the entire plant and pot upside down and tap it on a hard surface. It should slide out in one piece. Your new soil should be two-thirds potting soil and a third coarse sand mixed thoroughly. A new pot should be two inches larger and preferably clay. Do not add any fertilizer for at least a month. As you probably know, philodendron loves a shady spot in the house.

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