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Passion Flower

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Question: 608-3511
Can I take my Passion flower indoors and will it bloom again indoors? Kim, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
You have to take the plant indoors in your growing zone. It is not hardy above zone 7. Do not force the plant in the winter. Allow it to rest. Passiflora caerulea has five narrow lobes on the leaves. It has a four inch pink flower with a white and purple crown. The fruit is a inch and a half long and is yellow. P. edulis has an edible three inch purple fruit. The blooms on this purple granadilla are half the size of P. caerulea. Yellow granadilla or P.laurifolia also has a four inch flower with red spots on the same colored flower. P.laurifolia has fruit that is three inches long. There is a 10 inch long fruit on the P. quadrangularis. Do not expect a flower agin in the winter. Some people confuse the Passion flower with Purple velvet house plants. Purple velvet is sometimes called Purple Passion. Gynura aurantiaca has dark green leaves with purple hairs. It loves the sun and will produce a yellow or orange flower in the winter.

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