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Moth Orchid

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Question: 49-5201
My moth orchid hasnıt grown since I purchased it over a year ago. Itıs in a corner that doesnıt get any light. Any suggestions? Joyce, Harve de Grace, MD

Mort's Answer:
Orchids require sunlight in the morning and evening to do well. Put the plant about 6ı feet from a south facing window for a month. Check to see, if there is root rot. Replace the soil and cut off the mushy roots, if that is the problem. They do not like direct light between 11 am and 2 pm but could do well, if put outdoors during the summer months in a shady cool location. If it goes above 95 degrees, it would do better indoors. However, it needs air and humidity to do well. Do not be surprised, if it only blooms once a year. It is worth the wait.

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