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What is the proper PH for Kentia palms ? Can they be induced to bloom? Lyneete,

Mort's Answer:
There are a few palms that are sold as Kentia palms. The two most common are Howea belmoreana and H. forsteriana. Neither one will bloom indoors. Interior landscapers will often cut off flower stems from indoor plants. When and if they do bloom, it will weaken most indoor plants. There isnžt an exact PH that will work for palms. Most large houseplants will do well at 6.2. Excess fertilizer will decrease PH with a buildup of salts. I do not recommend feeding palms during the winter. Once a month with half the recommended dosage on the label will keep the vigor the rest of the year. A 10-6-4 or 20-10-5 or a close equivalency will suffice. Most palms need to be washed or leached out, if purchased in the fall. Growers in Florida have the plants outdoors under sprinklers. While this produces a lot of growth during the summer, it can produce a build up of fertilizer salts. Outdoors in subtropical climates, they will produce flowers. H.belmoreana grows to 40 feet, while H. forsteriana will grow to 60. Fully grown trees are rare in Florida and southern California. Regular feeding through the roots can induce a blooms in younger plants in these climes, while in the ground.

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