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Question: 191-5201
We put in some grapevines a couple of years ago. We get very few grapes. What can I do to improve the yield? Joe, Las Vegas, NV

Mort's Answer:
Grapes are best grown on a trellis. It can be simply strands of wire. Most home grown grapes will do best with the Kniffen system of pruning. Each plant will give an optimum yield at twenty feet. Your wires should be at 3 feet and at six feet high parallel to the ground. Each plant should be 20 feet from the next. You will need to train the espaliers to have two lateral branches at three and six feet respectively. The final shape is a double cross with the length no longer than 10 feet on each side. Keep the interiors clean of extraneous growth. The ends of these branches will give the best fruit for your labors. You will also need to fertilize with a 5-10-10 every other year by digging holes with a crow bar around the stems. Dig the holes a foot away for each inch of diameter in the stems.

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