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Question: 28-5201
My fuschia is very vigorous. Should I take it indoors? Edna, North Attleboro, MA

Mort's Answer:
Fuschia are considered hardy annual plants. Most fuschia become woody in November or December and barely survive beyond January. Most greenhouse growers take their cuttings at this time of the year for new plants. You can prolong your fuschia by continuing to fertilize with a high middle number plant food and placing your plant in a location with strong filtered light. When it becomes woody, cut it back and do not fertilize. If it starts to produce new growth in March, consider it a serendipitous occasion. Resume fertilizing at that time and bring it back outdoors in June. Do not get your hopes too high. Rarely are the fuschia born again. Its not in their future.

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Question: 29-5201
My hanging fuschia is very woody. Can I cut it back? It has been in the sun. Mary, Harbor Springs, MI

Mort's Answer:
Fuschia growth is much better in the shade. Usually fuschia do not survive one growing season. Since your plant deteriorated so quickly, it may have fuschia growth. Cut it back to 6 and place it in a shady location.

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