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Flowering Maple

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Question: 8-5201
Can I leave out my flowering Maple during the winter here? Marie, Brunswich, GA

Mort's Answer:
You are right at the cusp between zones 8 and 9. If you are inland from the ocean, you will have to cover the Abutilon for the winter. In Jacksonville, FL and St.Simon Island, GA there is not as great a need to cover the plant. I would plunge the plant into the ground for the first winter. I would also build a burlap or cloth tent to protect it from the north wind . As the plant matures, the need for keeping it as a houseplant will diminish. In the second winter you can plant the tree directly into the ground. A. hybridum is the most common and has the widest variety of colors. Hanging baskets are filled with A. megapontanicum, which are poor candidates for winters outdoors in your zone 8.

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