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Question: 696-612
I have some Brown Turkey figs that are about three and a half feet tall. I started hem in the early fall. Can I make a tree out of them or should I make a bush? Will they survive outdoors? Anna, Burlington, Iowa

Mort's Answer:
Back east, we bury them for the winter. You rate in zone 5 and can apply this method. Plant your tree around the end of May. You can prune at that time. I would prefer one stem with three to four branches like a small apple tree but more vase shaped. When fall arrives, you will need to dig a trench they is two feet deep Cut the roots to begin the burial. Lay the plant sideways in the trench. Cover the entire plant with a foot of peat or healthy leaves. Put a canvas over the leaves and cover the canvas with a foot of soil. You can erect your Ficus carica from the sea each year in this fashion.

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