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Dwarf Lime

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Question: 1204-4814
We got a dwarf lime this spring in the midwest. It has thorns and is doing well. It is about two feet tall. Do limes have thorns? Dick, Southeastern,CT

Mort's Answer:
Many citrus species do have thorns. Sour orange, which will grow outdoors in zone 5, has thorns. Dwarf limes are grafted plants and require special treatment, especially the indoor plants. Key lime is also thorny and one of the acid limes that are generally less hardy. C.aurantifolia requires good drainage. I would transplant to a soil mix of good potting soil and a third coarse sand. Light fertilizer is helpful during the winter. You could get repeated blooms. You will have to cross pollinate with a Q-tip when the yellow pollen appears if you want fruit. Do not expect much this winter.

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