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Question: 858-4812
I heard dieffenbachia is poisonous. Are there other indoor plants that I should be aware of. Don, Edina, MN

Mort's Answer:
Poinsettia was rumored to be poisonous for years. Your cat would have to eat a barrel of most toxic plants before it is serious. Toxicity is possible with smaller animals but there are only a few that are lethal. Belladonna is definitely poisonous. Often called Christmas Rose because it blooms around the end of December. I have not seen it sold in bloom. Dumb cane or dieffenbachia will make your tongue go numb but will not kill you or your barking dog. Datura or Angel's Trumpet is sold in the spring in garden centers and is also potentially lethal when ingested in large amounts. When in doubt do not eat or let others eat plants. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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