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Crown of Thorns

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Question: 649-4611
My Crown of Thorns has grown four feet tall and is straight up. It is in a four inch pot and easily toppled. How can I transplant it? Roy, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
You will need to treat it with kid gloves. It prefers a clay pan pot. I would put it in a ten inch pot and allow it to grow laterally, which is its natural inclination. Your new soil should be half sterile potting soil and half coarse sand. Tip the entire pot upside down and tap it on a hard surface. It should come out in one piece. If it rebels and sticks to the pot at the bottom, you can cut some of the roots or sacrifice the pot by breaking the pot. Place the roots in the middle on the new pot within an inch of the top and fill with the new soil. Water the plant thoroughly after planting to remove air pockets. Remember that this plant is a cactus. It will require very little water after the first baptism.

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Question: 689-512
You told me six months ago on the radio show to put my Crown of Thorns into a larger pot than the five inch plastic it is in now. I cannot seem to find clay pots. It has some gooey stuff growing on the top of the soil but still is four feet tall. Any suggestions? Roy, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Euphorbia splendens is fully grown at three and a half feet. Succulents hold a lot of water in their leaves. That goo could be a polymer used in some soils or more likely the sap of the plant backing up. You can usually find clay pots at florist shops that have house plants and at mom and pop garden centers. Clean off the goo and move this plant to an eight or ten inch clay pan. Your new soil should be a third sand and good potting soil. You can cut back the plant by six to eight inches.

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Question: 785-2812
My six foot Crown of Thorns has been dropping leaves. I transplanted it a few months ago into an eight inch plastic pot. My wife has been watering it quite regularly. We used good potting soil and a stone at the bottom of the pot. Roy, Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
Clay pots are much better because the plant roots can breathe. You need at least a third sand for good drainage for cacti. You may have root rot. I would start over and put your plant into a 10 or 12 inch clay pot. Use a third sand with good potting soil. If you notice any brown roots, cut them off. Water only when the soil is dry. You can tell when the soil is dry by testing with your finger. If all the soil falls away from your finger, then you can soak the plant. Do not use any fertilizer until the fall.

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