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Christmas Plants

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Question: 1066-5213
Do you have any suggestions for a plant for someone that has a small apartment for Christmas? Don, Cranston, RI

Mort's Answer:
Some stores will have succulents in bloom. Kalanchoe, jade, hoya and Christmas Cactus are some of the many in bloom at this time of year. They prefer cool temperatures to continue to bloom. Poinsettias, azalea and mums are very attractive color additions to any room. If you do not have space for a small fir or pine, you might consider a Norfolk Island Pine as a house plant . It looks quite similar to a Norway Spruce in growth habit. It will hold decorations that are not heavy. For a dash of exuberance, you could try a Dendrobium Orchid. They are the easiest orchids to keep alive and very attractive.

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