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Christmas Cacti

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I have had some Christmas Cacti for ten years. This year they are losing branches and they feel very soft. How can I save them? David , Norwich, CT

Mort's Answer:
If you have not changed them to a larger pot in the past few years, there may be very little soil left to act as a reservoir for the water. You may be giving them too much water. Soft leaves are a sign of excessive water. Decreased light at this time of year translates to less evaporation. Most plants will get root rot at this time of year if you are giving them water at the same rate as in the summer. Plan on putting your zygocactus in larger clay pots (not ceramic) and using a soil mix of new potting soil with a third coarse sand. Plastic trays are recommended to catch the water. When you extract the plants, shave off all brown and black root.

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