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Question: 16-5201
I have some holes in my begonia leaves. I do not see any sign of insects. They are in the shade and get two hours of daily sun. What can I do? Lee, Groton, CT

Mort's Answer:
You probably have slugs. They are nocturnal but you can keep them out until the sun comes out by getting them drunk. Place tuna tins of beer near the plants in the sun just at the surface so that they can swim in it. As the day gets brighter they dry up and die. Another method is to place diatomaceous earth around each plant. This silica compound will cut them until they bled to death. You can also go out there at night with a flashlight and pick them off one by one.

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Question: 853-4712
What is a better house plant, wax or tuberous begonia? Nate, Verdun,IL

Mort's Answer:
I like both. Tuberous are more elegant and larger in bloom and leaves. Rex tuberous begonia have spectacular leaves and flowers. Rieger tuberous are also stunning with rose-like flowers. Wax begonia will bloom continuously all winter with a much smaller flower. Charm Glow wax begonia has a white margined leaf and a pink flower. Both types need temps above 65. Some folks feel that the debris from fallen wax flowers are a nuisance. I am willing to pay the price for constant blooms,especially at my donees' houses.

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