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Question: 895-813
My Arboricola is getting some leaf drop. I have been fertilizing and watering regularly. There are no signs of insects. What could be the problem? Layla, Stonington, CT

Mort's Answer:
As we approached December 21, plants got a lot less light. Some go into dormancy. Ficus, some palms and the Scheffelera do this quite regularly. It is not a good idea to continue fertilizing these plants in the winter. You should always reduce the amount and frequency of water during the winter. I move these plants closer to the light source during the winter. If you are already as close as possible to a south facing window, then you have no choice but to do as the plant wishes; let it coast without growth for whatever time it wants. Eventually they will start sprouting new growth and you can increase the water and start fertilizing at that time.

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