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Aloe Vera

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Question: 12-5201
My Aloe Vera houseplant that I purchase a 3 weeks ago is mushy in the center. What could be the problem? Marie, Pawtucket, RI

Mort's Answer:
Too much water will turn a succulent into mush. I would take it back to the store and ask for a credit. Unless is you watered every day since you purchased it, the damage was done at an earlier time.

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Question: 826-3912
What else can I use my aloe vera plant for besides burns and how do I use it? Katie, Marquette, MI

Mort's Answer:
It is easy to use this plant for healing burns, cuts and sun burn. Just break a leaf in half. The juice will ooze out. Rub the liquid, using the leaf as the container, on the affected areas. It brings almost immediate relieve. I had often used it for minor cuts and scrapes. It also works well as a skin softener for chapped hands.

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Question: 1075-313
How do I use aloe from my aloe vera plant? Katie, Marquette, MI

Mort's Answer:
Simply snap off a leaf and rub the leaf onto a cut or rash. Older and thicker leaves will have more jell in each leaf. Succulents store fluid inside their leaves and require less water except when they are in bloom. That is our number one buying question.

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