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African Violets

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Question: 903-1013
My African Violets have some brown spots on the leaves. They are in filtered light and I lightly water and fertilize them. What could be the problem? Julie, Templeton, MA

Mort's Answer:
African violets should be given water from the bottom. You can spray with a mist for the water but not the liquid fertilizer. If you do not have fertilizer burn from excess fertilizer or contact with the leaves, water crystals can act as a magnifying glass on the very sensitive leaves and be the cause. Remove the affected leaves and forgive yourself for the violation.

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Question: 1362-3016
Please give me some advice on my African violet. She is perishing before my eyes. I have moved her to several different locations. Does she want lots of sun? Or just a little? Overwatering or under? Her energy is low. Dee, Warwick, RI

Mort's Answer:
Oh, those African violets! Usually they are done in by excess water. Violets want indirect light all the time. Some plants will be shocked by drastic change. A light dosage of higher middle number fertilizer will help bring them back. I would first change the soil and look for rotted roots. Scrape off all brown or black roots. Put the plant in a new clay pot in a east or west window. New soil should be a third fine sand and sterile potting soil. If you have a deck that is completely shaded, that would be best. African violets should be misted every day instead of giving them water. Bring the plant back indoors in late summer. Follow this advice and you will not feel violated.

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