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African Violet Blood Lily

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Question: 1232-615
I have African Blood Lily as a houseplant. Can It planted outdoors? Emily, Willimantic, CT

Mort's Answer:
Scadoxus multiflorus is in the Amaryllis family and can treated similarly. Its red flower does does not last long especially indoors but has a berry .The one umbel flower head consists of 200 tiny flowers and is very showy. It will bloom in late summer in the garden. I would rest the plant after it has finished blooming in a couple of weeks. Like its cousin the amaryllis, the bulbous root can be stored in a cool dry place. If you plant the root in the garden in mid May, you could get a longer and larger bloom. You could cover the root with mulch for the winter in zone 6 but I would not take a chance and recycle the root by storing it again indoors in a cool spot.

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